We have seen a huge increase in Schools opting for Biological cleaning supplies, because of their eco-friendly approach, and it’s safe to say education is about to take a turn for the better as we are experience the ‘Green School of the future’.

We are proud to supply the education sector with chemical free biotechnology based cleaning products, which are cruelty-free and NOT tested on animals.

We have the complete solution when it comes to keeping school premises and facilities clean, safe and hygienic.

When choosing BioVation you are protecting the safety of your staff and your pupils. Our products contain pure ingredients that activate only with water and are safer to use. The BioVation cleaning products also leave a film on surfaces which clean and protect for a further 28 days, so the absence from staff and student sickness is much more likely to be lower. There is also no risk of vapour clouds, like there is when using chemical based products and bleach.

Diluted BioVation products are CLP classified as risk-free. Here's hoping for a better environment and to protect us from corrosive, harmful ingredients.
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