Professional Vegan Cleaning

BioVation are changing the way the world cleans, one trigger at a time thanks to our revolutionary chemical free products. Just when we thought we were innovating the cleaning industry with environmentally friendly products, we soon realised we were also innovating the Restaurant industry.

We are proud to manufacture and supply restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars with chemical free biotechnology based cleaning products, which are cruelty-free and NOT tested on animals.

We have the complete solution for your Restaurant and can supply you with the 'BioVation Restaurant package', which includes:

1. BIOWASH 1 - Auto Dishwasher Detergent
Super effective and concentrated dishwasher detergent.

2. BIOWASH 2 - Auto Rinse Aid Fluid
Super effective and concentrated automatic dishwash Rinse Aid.

3. BIOWASH 3 - Washing-Up Liquid
Super concentrated detergent that is highly effective for manual washing of dishes, glasses and cutlery.

4. BIOWASH 4 - Manual Pot Soak
Super concentrated soaking product that aids in the removal of stubborn stains and carbon deposits from all types of pots and pans.

5. BIOTRAP - Trap Cleaner & Degreaser
Concentrated full bioactive biotechnology product that digests and eliminates greasy build up and other organic residue in grease traps. It can also be used for maintaining drains and pipes.

6. BIOGRASP - Biological Degreaser
Full biological bioactive degreaser designed specifically for quickly removing fats, soils and grease from kitchen and restaurant surfaces. BioGrasp will actively help to improve your floors slip retardancy.

7. ENVIROPOWER - Oven Cleaner
Heavy duty ready to use gel oven cleaner. Powerful and fast acting specifically designed to remove carbon deposits and grease from all ovens and cookers.

BioVation products are EN1276 and EN13704 approved
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