BioVation are proud to support businesses during Covid-19

BioVation biological cleaning solutions are proud to supply businesses and organisations throughout the UK, with safer, greener and more effective cleaning products.

Since the World Health Organisation announced the global health pandemic and the vastly spreading Corona Virus, otherwise known as Covid-19, BioVation have had an influx of orders, from both new and existing customers, who want to make an impromptu impact for the wellbeing of employees and their customers.

Here's why our products can give you the reassurance to keep your work environment clean:

1. Biological cleaning is the future of cleaning as it not only performs better, but it has no negative effect on the environment, as well as our own health, when compared with other products which contain chemicals.

2. Using BioVation products not only get the cleaning standard, but without the dangers that come with using bleach. Bleach exposure can cause irritation in the eyes, mouth, lungs, eyes and skin. People with asthma are particularly susceptible to incur breathing problems through bleach usage. Our products are safer for human use, as it means our bodies are not open to corrosive ingredients which are included in standard cleaning products.

3. BioVation products consist of eco-friendly and natural ingredients, which still does the job better than any other cleaning product would.

4.By making sure you buy effective and chemical free products, you will remove bad bacteria, but also help remove dangerous toxins from entering your home or workplace. BioVation products are not only better for the area you’re cleaning, but also the environment, and more importantly, yourself. Our Steridose products are also effective for sanitising.

5. During Covid-19, it is expected that more of us will be looking to purchase cleaning supplies and with BioVation we know that our packaging is sustainable from plastic produced from ethanol sugarcane, which is a renewable raw material.

All scientific results show all our biological products use non pathogenic "good" bacteria which help displace pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria. As a result, the BioVation products are effective and efficient at removing harmful bacteria to keep your immune system strong.
Our customers, Extra Help Commercial Cleaning recently posted "Just another day in the office. STERIdose kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. Stay safe with BioVation products."

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